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  Akita Inu puppy


Hi! I'm Bella and I tell you, I am awesome.

I am just short of 4 months old and I live with my mommy and daddy and a cat called Chloe. Even though my mommy and daddy love me to the end of the earth and back my daddy has become very allergic to my fur. So much that he and I can barely be in the same room anymore. So they are looking for a new family for me.

I am very gentle, I can do some tricks already, I can paw and sit especially if you have a treat in your hand. I love cuddles and long walks where other people cant help but see how cute I am (so I tend to show myself off)

Note from 'mommy'.

Bella is house trained, but as she is still a puppy she requires regular long walks to get rid of some energy.

We want her to go to a good home so even though she cost us a small fortune, we will take 325. She comes with bed /toys/treats/food/shampoo/worming tablets so please do not try to haggle.

Back yard breeders do not need to try. We can spot you.

Contact Saskia Mestach
Tel 07582937799
Town nuneaton
County Kent

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