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 COME AND SEE THE THE WORLD OF FISH AND PETS : Come and see the huge Iguana's viv with waterfall the shop is Africian themed so is completly different to any other shop about We specialise in Tarantulas with alot being bred by us and can offer a wealth of knowledge if you need any help start ...21/07/17

1. CB Hatchling Hermans Tortoises £100 each : I have for sale hatchling Herman's tortoises captive bred by myself and will come with article 10 paperwork (required by law) These have been fed on primarily weeds an ... 20/07/17
2. Aquatic Finatic Reptile Stocklist - : [email protected] Lizards- Yemen Chameleon Bearded Dragon Long tailed lizards Anoles Geckos- Leopard Gecko Ground Gecko Cre ... 19/07/17
3. Tortoise Wormer Plus and general reptile tick, par... ... : The secret to a successful hibernation, & general health for your tortoise or pet reptile. Why stress your tortoise taking them away to get them wormed when you can do ... 19/07/17
4. Leopard tortoise : Wanted female giant leopard tortoise pardalis pardalis 16 inches plus money waiting and plenty of room inside and out so kept warm all year round £600 18/07/17
5. Adult Female Hermann Tortoise : I have an adult female hermann tortoise for sale aged 9. She has a perfectly smooth shell with no pyramiding and has been grown on a purely natural diet. Change in circum ... 17/07/17
6. Adult Proven Male Hermann Tortoise : I have a male hermann tortoise for sale aged 8. He has a perfectly smooth shell with no pyramiding and has been grown on a purely natural diet. He is proven as he has bre ... 17/07/17
7. Adult Egg Laying Female Hermann Tortoise : I have an adult female hermann tortoise for sale aged 14. She has a perfectly smooth shell with no pyramiding and has been grown on a purely natural diet. She is a regula ... 17/07/17
8. Tina Female Adult Garden Tortoise : We have to find a new home for Tina who is a hermann tortoise and is 8 years old Tina was purchased as a hatchling around the size of a 50p coin from a local breeder s ... 14/07/17
9. AFRICAN CLAWED FROGS : ALBINO frogs very easy to care for. Eating bloodworms & mealworms VERY THERAPEUTIC & AMUSING TO WATCH £15 each 14/07/17
10. Sulcata tortoises : 2 x male sulcatas 12 inches long. Eating well and very active and friendly. £300 each or £550 for both. If interested ring. 07921069416 11/07/17
11. Adult corn & King Snake collection for sale. : We are selling off our adult corn snakes at greatly reduced prices.Albino striped Male @ £39.00. snow Queen male @ £69.00 Carolina male 4 ft @ £39.00. Red Striped Male @ ... 11/07/17
12. Adult Royal Python with complete set up JUST £125.... ... : We have a huge selection of Royal Pythons for sale Adults males £55.00 Females from £75.Morphs starting @ £89. We are currently selling an adult male Royal with a 3 ft x ... 11/07/17
13. Large Yellow Bellie Terrapins To Clear... : We are clearing out our show pond of our large Yellow Bellied Terrapins Now only £15.00 each.Just arrived Baby Musk Turtles only £27.00 each.Baby Hieroglyphics £34.00 ea ... 11/07/17
14. FREE 6 y o F bearded dragon (Adenovirus carrier bu... ... : I have come to the very reluctant decision to rehome this sweet little girl due to my own ill health. I want her to have the happiest and very best life possible. Iliana ... 10/07/17
15. FREE 6 y o M bearded dragon (Adenovirus carrier bu... ... : I have come to the very reluctant decision to rehome this sweet little guy due to my own ill health. I want him to have the happiest and very best life possible. Osiris ( ... 10/07/17
16. Adult European Pond Turtle : Adult European Pond Turtle suited to an secure outdoors pond. £150. 09/07/17
17. AXOLOTLS : Baby axolotls, Dirty lucy,s, 3 inches long, ready for their new homes, eating live and frozen blood worms £10 for 1 £25 for 3 £40 for 6 09/07/17
18. Eyed Lizards (Timon Lepidus) : UK captive bred Eyed Lizards, healthy and strong babies. These babies are growing fast and eating everything that moves. First pic is of parents - £45 each. 08/07/17
19. Corn snake pair : For sale I have a beautiful pair of corn snakes. Male is narural/orange and female is albino. Both good eaters and very tame! Male had a very bad start to life and was se ... 07/07/17
20. Captive bred Chinese fire bellied newts (Cynops or... ... : Chinese fire bellied newts, captive bred, terrestrial juveniles for sale. Captive bred by myself, Jan 2016.Very healthy and feeding well on live and frozen foods. Experie ... 06/07/17
21. Turtle with complete setup (tank, heater, filter, ... ... : Hello, I have a Yellow bellied slider Turtle for sale approx a year old available with the complete tank setup. Selling as I cant find enough time due to a new job. - 1 ... 01/07/17
22. TORTOISE REHOMING : I have many years experience looking after tortoises owning many myself. If you find you can no longer give the care and attention to your beloved pet then look no furth ... 25/06/17
23. Live plants for reptile terrariums and vivariums : One of the largest selections of Live plants suitable for reptile and amphibian terrariums & vivariums. Find us at our aquarium and reptile store in Dartford, Kent. ... 24/06/17
24. Southdown aquatics, arboreal vivariums : Southdown aquatics Manufacturing all our own Vivarium, all built in a large range of colours (10 standard colours). Building over 100 standard sizes and endless be ... 22/06/17
25. Female adult Leopard Tortoise : Female adult Leopard Tortoise, these tortoises do not hibernate and can grow very large so need plenty of space, she eats well and is strong, please make sure you are kno ... 22/06/17
26. Brand new 4ft x 2ft x 18 twin viv stack - 2 availa... ... : Brand new twin viv stack Each viv measures 4ft wide x 2ft deep x 18 inches high Beech colour Solid backs Built and ready to go now  I have 2 of these stacks avai ... 22/06/17
27. Newts required : Newts required for wildlife pond have one but could do with a few more to hopefully breed any help much appreciated even if its advise to encourage newts thanks frank. 07 ... 22/06/17
28. Tortoises for sale : Owner moving soon so parting with the following... 2 female Sulcata's 9 years both in excess of 20 inches and 20 kg 200 each or both for 350 6 adult Redfoots (3 Cherry ... 22/06/17
29. Southdown aquatics 2' x 2' Vivarium range (BIG VIV... ... : Southdown Aquatics 2' x 2' vivarium range. We are now listing our new standard range - Available in Beech, Maple, Light oak, Medium Oak, Black and White - All our 2 ... 22/06/17
30. Albino Pinstripes Ball Python : This is a rare opportunity for anyone to have this male python,he's adorable and weighs over 2kg. 15/06/17
31. SOUTHDOWN AQUATICS vivariums and stands : We manurfacture vivariums, hoods and aquarium stands for trade and retail. We have a standard stock range but are able to make up to any size. We use an 18mm MFC b ... 15/06/17
32. Young Female Ambleobe Red Bar Panther Chamelion f... ... : We have in stock Some young Female Ambliobe Red Bar Panther Chamelions for sale @ £59.00 .we also have a 2 year old Male Yemman Chameleon @ £125.00.Other Chameleons in s ... 10/06/17
33. SALE OF THE CENTURY BIG SNAKE CLEARANCE SALE. : 8 ft Male Light Phase Burmese Very Friendly £150.00. 5 ft pair Dumerels Boas Have been bred £200.00 pair Chipped and with papers. 5 ft male common Boa Very Tame £50. ... 10/06/17
34. Tortoises For Sale( sale now on .) : Just Arrived 1 Female 4 year old Sulcata Tortoises 1 @1.6 kilos £250.00 We are selling last years Hermans Tortoises for Just £125.00 With all Defra paperwork.. OTHE ... 10/06/17
35. Indian star tortoise cb17 : Beautiful Indian star tortoises. Cb17 tortoises in perfect health for sale, they do not hibernate so need uvb lamp and heat. Any questions are welcome. Age 3 months+/ ... 09/06/17
36. ROYAL PYTHON : A two year old Royal Python 09/06/17
37. "Beware Of The Tortoise" Plaque : The plaque is made of marine resin and consist of the colour black and gold. The raised letters are in gold. The approximate size of the plaque are 5" x 4" and ... 04/06/17
38. Cosy Tortoises NEW All-Season Tortoise Houses (se... ... : The tortoise house is one metre wide in total with a heated hide house on the left-hand side and the sunroom on the right. There are two full height doors on the front th ... 04/06/17
39. Hermann Boettgeri Tortoises : *** 4 remaining *** CB Oct 2016 by myself. Incubated to be female but not guaranteed. Fed a diet of weeds/flowers with calcium supplements. Comes with DEFRA A10 ... 04/06/17
40. Tortoise Coffee Tables for sale. : We Build and create Tortoise and Terrapin Coffee Table Vivariums which inclue all the lighting and heating required .Prices starting from £125.oo we can also suply Tortoi ... 03/06/17
41. COMPLETE CORN SNAKE STARTER KIT FOR JUST £59.00 Or... ... : Baby Corn Snake Set-up Size: 18" Great starter corn snake set-up includes; Medium Used Vivarium, Heat mat, Waterbowl, Hide, Substrate, Thermometer This bundle comes wi ... 30/05/17
42. Tortoises for rehoming. : Knowledgeable home required for two female Tunisian tortoises, around 11 years old. They were gifted to me so do not have a license. They will come with their tortoise ta ... 24/05/17
43. Terrapins and Turtles for sale. : Complete Brand New Turtle set up including Tank U V Light Heater Filter Gravel Turtle Dock and 1 Baby Turtle All for Just £135.00. We have a huge selection of Turtles ... 24/05/17
44. Lizards Galore! Lizard sale at The Reptilarium. : Huge sale on our range of lizards, trying to free up some space in our shop for new stock: Adult Male Beardies from - £75 Medium Beardies from - £69 Young Beardies f ... 24/05/17
45. Coffee Table type Tortoise homes. : we have in stock several custom built coffee table vivariums Ideal for young Tortoises. Prices start from just £95.00 for smaller ones and £175.00 for the larger version ... 24/05/17
46. Baby panther chameleons : 3 month old ambilobe panther chamwleons for sale. They are 100% healthy and eat poo and shed as they should. Males are £150 females are £50. Please call or text if you ha ... 21/05/17
47. Baby Beardy & Complete set up for Just £149.00. : We are currently selling 6 week old Baby Bearded Dragon for Just £39.00 each.Or with a complete set up all for JUST £149.00.We also have a selection of some 1 year old ... 20/05/17
48. Pink Belly Side Neck Turtles Back in Stock. : Pink Belly Side Neck Turtles, Emydura subglobosa. juvenile turtles @ £89.00 ea .Also BRAZILLIAN yellow headed TURTLES @ £95.00. For the widest selection of turtles in the ... 20/05/17
49. 3 hognose snakes : 1 male anaconda het albino with set up £200 1 female albino with set up £120 1 female superconda het albino with set up b1 thermostat 2 ft Viv £330 pick up only b13 16/05/17
50. BOLIVIAN BOA BCA : Bolivain Boa BCA Silverback Female CB 2015 healthy and feeding well £150.00 collection or courier at buyers expense and arrangement 15/05/17
51. BOA CONSTRICTOR BCI : Boa Constritor BCI BlondeT+ Female captive bred 2012 healthy and feeding well £85.00 collection or can courier at buyeres expense and arrangement 14/05/17
52. SURINAM REDTAIL BOA BCC : Captive bred 2013 Male Surinam Redtail Boa well marked excellent specimen £350.00 collection or can courier at buyers expense and arrangement 14/05/17
53. Diffused (aka bloodred) Corn Snake For Sale : I have a couple of very beautiful diffused corn snakes for sale hatched in June 2016. £35 each. The diffused gene dissipates the pattern on the flanks and colour bl ... 10/05/17
54. Corn Snakes for Sale: NW UK; Nr Kendal : I have three normal (aka Carolina) corn snakes for sale; hatched in June 2016, they're healthy and strong. £25 each. [email protected] They're currently ... 10/05/17
55. Vivariums (BIG VIVARIUMS AVAILABLE) : Any sizes available but here are our standard size lists With a large range of colours, Black Maple Black walnut White Oak medium Oak light Beech 24"x15"x1 ... 09/05/17
56. two turtles : free to a good home two turtles to be collected from dymchurch kent 02/05/17
57. razorback turtles : two razerback turtles for free to collect from Dymchurch kent 02/05/17
58. 1.2 Cornsnake for sale : Trio of Corn snakes Anery morph male over 4ft easily! Has a fantastic placid temperament who eats and she's regularly. Amel female corn she's a real eager feeder who ... 01/05/17
59. 1.2 Cornsnake for sale : Trio of Corn snakes Anery morph male over 4ft easily! Has a fantastic placid temperament who eats and she's regularly. Amel female corn she's a real eager feeder who ... 01/05/17
60. Leopard tortoise : 9 months old 3 left now Must have enclosure with heat lamp & 15% uvb strip light Eat mostly weeds & grass Must point out this breed grows large when fully gro ... 01/05/17
61. FOR SALE Hermans Boetgerri Tortoises : Hermann's boetgerri tortoises for sale, hatched August 2015 with DEFRA article 10 certificates. They are very lively and eating well. £95 each or £170 for the two (ono) 30/04/17
62. Cosy Tortoises- Tortoise Houses with electrical in... ... : Cosy Tortoises- Tortoise Houses with electrical installation and sunroom ready for tortoises. All-Season House with the new lighter shade of Woodstain so you can overpai ... 27/04/17
63. Cosy Tortoises-The NEW All-Season Tortoise House w... ... : All-Season House Cosy Tortoises All-Season Tortoise Houses are designed to house tortoises all year round outside. They are fully insulated to protect against the col ... 27/04/17
64. homemade viv : home made vivarium 45"longx30.5"heightx14.5"deep £50 23/04/17
65. Corn snakes : 2 healthy adult corn snakes for sale, £20 for both 16/04/17
66. Reptile / animal courier : AHVLA Approved Reptile Courier. UK/PREST/T1/00081822 We have over the years used couriers and appreciate how worrying it can be not knowing if your packaged animal is ... 15/04/17
67. Baby horsefield tortoise : Hi everyone new horsefield tortoise prices due to the amount we're now supplying weekly £45 each 10-20 £40 each 20+ £35 each As you know we're out 7days a w ... 15/04/17
68. Terrarium : 160/70/50 made for special order UV lamps heating lamps,heating stone,heating mat, decorative woods bowls,humidity controller and many other necessary stuff 15/04/17
69. Alpine newts. : Pair of Alpine newts £27*including p+p,£47,for two pairs of Alpine newts. Text,or phone 07904032589.Martin. 15/04/17
70. Adult Male Bosc Monitor for sale . : We have for Sale an Adult Male Bosc Monitor At £125.00. He Is Very Tame & eats just about anything.We Also have a younger male adult needs a bit of handling going for J ... 06/04/17
71. Large and unusual Vivariums for sale. : We are Manufacturers of Vivariums and Aquariums in Bournemouth Dorset.Here are a few samples of items in stock.4 ft x 17 " x 16" Light wood finish Just £110.00. 3 ft x 17 ... 06/04/17
72. Cosy Tortoises-FREE ADVICE for Tortoise Keepers : Cosy Tortoises-FREE ADVICE for Tortoise Keepers. Please email us at [email protected] or (01747) 835499 (your service provider will still charge you for thi ... 03/04/17
73. TRINIDAD BOAS : Captive bred 2013 Trinidad Boas BCC healthy and feeding well rare in collections£800.00 ono collection or courier at buyers expense and arrangement 03/04/17
74. Loads of reptiles and amphibians available! : Check our website for full stock and availability. LOADS of Leopard Geckos recently arrived, all different variations and sizes, from £39 to £69. Check our website f ... 03/04/17
75. Axolotl Eggs for Sale : Eggs for sale - £10 for 10 eggs + p&p .. See picture of babies from last clutch in 2016 28/03/17

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