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  Cosy Tortoises NEW Willow All-Season House for tortoises


Cosy Tortoises All-Season Tortoise Houses are designed to house tortoises all year round outside. They are fully insulated to protect against the cold, the wind, wet weather and over-heating in the sun.

Provides essential heating facilities for keeping your tortoises outdoors all year round and particularly when the UK has temperatures below 15 degrees C. This accounts for 8-10 months of the year.
Large enough space to provide a good temperature gradient. Ideal for closing tortoises in overnight when below 15 degrees C outside.
Walls, floors and roof are double walled with premium insulation in the cavity.
Doors can be locked and the windows are made of security glazing with high impact resistance.
UV transmissive polycarbonate allows UVB to filter through. Glass cannot. UVB is essential for tortoises.
Very energy efficient housing.
Tortoise access door is 25 cm wide by 15 cm high unless specified otherwise by the customer.
Cosy Tortoises Add-On Outdoor Tortoise Runs can be fitted to

Contact Cosy Tortoises
Tel 01747 835499
Town Gillingham
County Dorset
Website ...

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