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Apologies, but this site is closing down end of July. Thank you for your patronage.

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This free service is for UK advertisers only. Overseas adverts will be deleted. If you do not provide address details we assume that you are overseas and your advert may be removed. Thank you.

Login if you have an account, or start your new free pets classifieds account. You can have as many adverts as you wish under your account. Adverts are checked for suitability daily. By entering this part of the site you agree to allow public access to any content you add, including graphics. You also allow the editing of content by Webmaster to retain the quality of services.

PS: Adverts supported by good quality pictures always sell much quicker. Prospective purchasers are unlikely to travel if they cannot see photographs - it makes a big difference. Pets Classifieds is for UK users. Adverts for Pit Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers (English Staffordshire Terriers are OK) breeds will be deleted.

Please read the Scam Alerts link at the top of the page. We highly recommend you delete completely and pay no attention whatsoever to the following email enquiries:

  • Foreign non-UK enquiries !!!
  • Payment as bankers draft or other non-standard methods
  • Beware that cheques can bounce up to 30 days after clearing.
  • Offers for more than the stated or expected amount
  • Indirect purchases and arrangements (my friend will provide payment...)
  • Broken English text (foreign pretending to be UK)

Do not be tempted by any of the above or similiar unrealsitic offers. They often promise large payments to trawl you in. If you smell a rat it probably is a rat. Just delete, don't reply.

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